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Battle Mode vs. Practice Mode

March 13, 2019

Let’s get to the secret features hidden in the Sidekik. There are two modes:
Battle Mode & Practice Mode
This is very important for you to know about, because it can directly affect your first impression! Every Sidekik is pre-set to Battle Mode.
  • Battle Mode is designed to bounce extra high with less predictability. These characteristics make The Sidekik perfect for group settings or one on one battles.
  • Practice Mode is designed to have less bounce with increased predictability. This makes practice mode better for single player training and practicing juggling/freestyle tricks. 
Here’s how you would turn Battle Mode Off and Practice Mode On:
  • (For those that like pictures)
  • (For those that like text)
  1. Gently pinch *the weights* together with one hand
  2. With your other hand, slide your thumb and index fingers into two holes (ones that are to each-other) and pinch the rubber part of the kick-pad in between.
  3. Gently slide the weights upwards toward the Connector Neck, reducing the distance between the weights and the Sidekik logo.
  • (For those that like videos)
Check out this video!
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