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August 04, 2017


Hello everyone! Our mission with Sidekik is to help grow soccer culture in the US and this is another step we are taking to accomplish that. Raul Gonzalez, a professional soccer player for the Richmond Kickers (in his rookie season), tells us his story about how he rose to becoming a pro in this Sidekik Exclusive! For the rest of the week you can buy the Raul Gonzalez Sidekik on our website! Here is Raul’s story. 

“Growing up playing soccer, I always had the dream of becoming a professional soccer player. I have such a huge passion for the sport and was open to taking any path in order to make it at the next level. My beginning years started at the IMG Soccer Academy in Bradenton, FL. I was fortunate enough to have had a great season and I got recruited to play at the University of Memphis. My time at the University of Memphis really prepared me for playing at the next level. During my senior year I ended up receiving a call to join MLS preseason with Minnesota United FC. After a few months of preseason with them, I was one of the last players to be released. My next path brought me over to Richmond, VA where I signed my first professional contract. While this path of mine was taking place, I came across the Sidekik, and I was really intrigued with the look as well as the amount of fun I had juggling it. The Sidekik really brought a different aspect of fun to the game. I saw more opportunities to gather more of my friends and use the Sidekik to have fun and also become better at juggling. The Sidekik really brings something more to the game; creating a fun atmosphere regardless of whether you are a soccer player or not!”

Thanks for reading! If you enjoyed this Sidekik Exclusive and want to learn more about Raul, follow him on Instagram @raulgonz2. Happy juggling!