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The Sidekik: What Makes It Fly!

March 13, 2019

We want to make sure we are all speaking the same language so first things first; the key components of the Sidekik.
The Sidekik is comprised of:
  • Four Feathers: hand picked, and dyed to specified pantone colors - that all of our heroes love.
  • The Weights: that help to flip the Sidekik over so it self-corrects perfectly every time.
  • The Elastic Rubber-Kick Pad: designed for maximum bounce.

The feathers slow it down in the air, giving you more time to react to it and the rubber kick-pad gives it extra bounce
All designed to maximize your soccer juggling abilities
Yet, the small surface area of the rubber-kick-pad proves a fun challenge for players of all levels!
Now that you know the anatomy of the Sidekik, next we can share the hidden features inside! Be sure to check out our other blog post on Battle Mode vs. Practice Mode.
Let’s Kick it,