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About us

Team Sidekik is comprised of people that truly EAT, SLEEP, and BREATH soccer (futbol, football).

Our founder Eli Dent has played at the most elite levels in North American soccer from Youth National Team Training Centers to Top Division 1 College soccer programs. Eli started this company with the goal of giving his family and friends an opportunity to feel and experience the game he became so passionate about. Having coached and played all across the US for organizations like the Seattle Sounders and No. 1 Soccer Camps, Eli has a true passion for the sport both as a spectator and a player.

With recent accolades like Entrepreneur of the Year 2017, and acceptance and participation in two business accelerator programs (1 international, and 1 domestic), Eli is determined to take Sidekik worldwide! 


Arianna Weber is our COO and supply chain specialist. She has been tremendous in streamlining our productions.


Donnie Exelbierd is our Chief Global Strategist working to secure key partnerships that will enable us to reach players like Luka Modric and Christiano Ronaldo.


Nicolas Jeausseran is taking Sidekik to France and will be launching Sidekik into the European markets.


Raul Gonzalez is our newest member of the Sidekik team. Raul will act as our Chief Strategist in securing new strategic partnerships nationwide with club teams and professional organizations in the US.


Here at Sidekik, we believe our unique product provides a new way for soccer fans to enjoy the game, engage, and identify with their favorite teams. Bring your soccer Sidekik to the games and gather with your friends for an exciting new experience! 


We are aiming for the stars in hopes to expand with this product and change the landscape of American Soccer culture FOREVER. We thank you for your interest and we hope to see you out there having a blast with your incredibly entertaining partner in crime, your soccer Sidekik!



Team Sidekik