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Sidekik's Technology

    The Sidekik is for those who truly want to play THEIR game; so we designed it to be fun and also challenging!


    The Feathers give the Sidekik more air resistance than a soccer ball, which slows it down in the air. This gives you more time to react to it. Learn timing and composure. Much like playing the game of soccer, you have to find the rhythm!

    The Weights of the Sidekik have been precisely developed so that it always turns the Sweet-Spot down right before you kick it. The weights also help counteract wind. 



    The Sweet-Spot is made of PLA rubber. This rubber is extremely durable and also gives your Sidekik that extra bounce to maximize your juggling abilities. The crash-zone between the Sweet-Spot and the Weights cushion impact.
    The Sidekik is ultra durable, easy for anyone to kick, and a crazy new way for anyone to have fun while developing their foot skills