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How To Play

How To Play:

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  1. Gently Take the Sidekik out of the Travel Case.
  2. Grip the Sidekik by the circular weights like you would hold a quarter with your pointer finger and your thumb, and release it right above your foot. 
  3. Kick High! The higher you kick the Sidekik, the more time you will have to get to it.
  4. Focus on the Kick-Pad, not the feathers. It can be difficult to keep track of the Kick-Pad, but that's the challenge! 


Practice Mode vs. Battle Mode

The ability to switch between these two modes has been a request for a few years and it is finally here! Practice Mode is easier than battle mode when you are by yourself. Here is a quick run down on how to switch:


 For Those That Like Videos, Watch Here!



 For Those That Like Pictures, Look Here!



 For Those That Like To Read, Look Here!


Step 1. Gently pinch the weights together with one hand.

Step 2. Grab the rubber kick-pad by sliding your thumb and index finger into the holes. Pinch the rubber.

Step 3. Gently wiggle/slide the weights up for practice mode. 


WARNING: Excessive pressure can result in tearing the rubber. Be gentle and patient to protect the longevity of your Sidekik.


    Fun Games you can play:

    • Individual Juggling Record
      • How many times can you juggle the Sidekik with your feet, thighs, shoulder, chest, and head without dropping? Challenge your friends to top you!
    • Sidekik Tennis
      • Sidekik Tennis can be played over a line, a tennis net, a park bench, or any other obstacle. All you do is attempt to kick it over onto your opponents side so that it hits the ground. It is your opponents job to keep it up and rally back. It a two-touch-minimum, meaning no spikes! You have to receive the sidekik with one touch before you can fire it back over. This can be played with as many as 5v5 depending on the size of the net/court.
    • Trick Shots or Beat the Bin
      • This is a fun game to play when you're with your friends. Set up a mini trash can or target to hit and try to hit it from far off distances or off of ricochet shots. The more creative you get, the more fun it is!
    • Around the Bin and In
      • Circle up with some friends and put a mini trash can or circular "bin" in the middle. You have to kick it all the way around the circle before someone can attempt to shoot it into the bin. 
    • Keep it alive
      • One touch, kick it high and see how many times you and your friends can keep the Sidekik alive!
    • Juggling Freestyle
      • Any trick you can do with a soccer ball, you can also do with a Sidekik! That's one of our favorite parts of the design. It allows you to do the around-the-world and tons of other freestyle moves. Be sure to check out our YouTube channel for videos and tutorials.
    • Off-the-Wall
      • Kick the Sidekik directly at a wall about 3-4 feet away and the Sidekik will bounce back to you. See how many times you can go back and forth without dropping.