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The Sidekik Training Tool

You may have noticed your favorite soccer stars showcasing some truly excellent footwork, flipping, kicking, bouncing, and balancing a soccer ball using nothing but their feet. This skill, known as soccer juggling, is a popular activity on soccer fields, playgrounds, and parks everywhere. In fact, some of the skills built by kids on your local playgrounds truly have begun to rival those of the soccer greats.

Soccer juggling isn’t just a party trick

With the SIDEKIK TRAINING TOOL, soccer juggling is a great way to build foot skills that translate to a variety of soccer applications. Soccer players everywhere tout soccer juggling as one of the best ways to improve first touch – that moment when the ball first comes into a player’s possession. That one moment is key to gaining initial control over an awkwardly bouncing ball in motion, priming it for the player’s next move – no matter whether that move is a shot on goal, a fluidly executed pass to a teammate, or the first step in a strategic cut and dribble down the field, the first touch sets it all up.

Sidekik in action

First touch – and the moments immediately afterward – are where the player must simultaneously control the ball while assessing the options available for his or her next move. Should he shoot? Should she wait for a teammate to finish making a move to become open? Should he begin dribbling? These decisions must take place in a second or two – but the player must show the composure necessary to wait for the play to develop before striking.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of first touch drills out there. However, none of them address a player’s composure quite like the Sidekik training tool. Its smaller surface and optimal rebound sensitivity makes attention to detail and heightened much more important than training with a traditional soccer ball, improving first touch by leaps and bounds.

Once the tool is on the player’s foot, of course, the training doesn’t stop there. Continuing on and juggling the Sidekik tool requires the player to wait for the weights to flip the Sidekik over for the next contact, honing the focus and composure a player needs while in real-game situations. Waiting for the right moment to strike is one of those intangible skills only the best soccer players bring to the field, and the Sidekik is the only foot juggling trainer to address it.